Praise & Press


"I received the Chickadee Changing Clutch as a gift last year for my newborn son. I can
honestly say that there's not a day that goes by that I don't use it. For someone who is on
the go all the time, it is a necessity. It's so convenient and it's the perfect size to take with
you anywhere. It's very durable and easy to wash. I would recommend it to everyone!"
                                  -Britt E., Carpinteria, CA

"I received the Chickadee Changing Clutch as a baby shower gift.  I love it!  I use it when
I am on the go--it is easy to carry, perfect for storing diapers, wipes and a change of
clothes, and so easy to use!  The changing pad is really easy to clean which I love.  The
Clutch is stylish too-- coming in different color options, which makes me happy.  If I don't
want to carry the Clutch, it is thin enough to stick in my purse.  I definitely would
recommend this product to anyone with a baby or toddler.  It is fabulous!"
                                         -Jennifer C., Simi Valley, CA

"I love the
Chickadee Changing Clutch.  It's the perfect size, has pockets to hold all
diapering necessities and best of all does not look like a typical diaper bag.  Love the
pattern I have!  I use it daily at home, at the park, on vacation, etc.  It's functional and
easy to use and clean.  Highly recommend this product!"
                                -Payal M., Portland, OR

"I love my
Chickadee Changing Clutch! I use it every day and never leave home without
it. It is the perfect size to carry all my diaper necessities without being too bulky or heavy.
Not only did I love it for myself, but it made the perfect baby shower gift.
It’s my go to gift every time and every new mom loves it."
                                          -Jenne W. Santa Barbara, CA

"I am so in love with my
Chickadee Changing Clutch.  It's extremely versatile and
convenient.  I use it for quick trips to the market, doctor's appointments or when we're
going out to dinner.  I'm not a fan of carry big clunky diaper bags everywhere I go.... I
need quick and easy.  I did originally purchase a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag but
hardly ever used it because it was just too much to carry around.  Even my husband
uses the Changing Clutch because he's not a fan of carry big bags with he's out with  
the baby either.  
Things that I've been able to fit into my Diaper Clutch all at once:
- up to 4 diapers
-  a pack of wipes
- a bottle
- a full-body outfit
- up to 3 single-use formula packs
I'd say that's pretty convenient and the best part it.... I'm completely hands-free when
carry the Clutch which allows me to still chase after my son with ease."
                               -Jenn V., Camarillo, CA

"I have a large diaper bag but I carry a purse to work every day.  It is a pain to either have
to carry both the diaper bag and purse or to swap all my purse contents in and out of the
diaper bag before/after work.  The
Chickadee Changing Clutch was the perfect answer
to my needs!  The pockets of the Clutch hold all the basics that get me to/from daycare
and through a few errands, letting me continue to use all my cute purses without the
bulk of carrying two large bags.  I love that it serves dual purposes by folding out into a
changing pad that can be wiped down without wetting the fabric.  The construction is
high quality and the fabric designs are fabulous - so much more stylish than other
similar products!  I definitely recommend it!"
                                       -Jessica J., Costa Mesa, CA

"I have given the Chickadee Changing Clutch at baby showers as a super present;
when the mom-to-be opens the gift there is an audible oooh and wow! from the others.  
It's beautiful to touch and look at -- very professionally sewn -- as well as it being handy,
convenient and unique; I didn't find anything like this at any store. A thinking mom
created this product.  Any mom or dad using this Clutch in public will definitely be asked
                                     -Emily W., Santa Rosa, CA

"I gave the Chickadee Changing Clutch as a shower gift.  My friend loved it, a great
complement to her big bag.  :-)  Everyone was asking where I got it."
                                 -Rachel P., Charlotte, NC

"I was lucky enough to receive a Chickadee Changing Clutch as a gift after the birth of
my second son.  Having to shuttle 2 active boys all over, I didn't have the room for a big
and bulky diaper bag.  The Clutch is surprisingly roomy and has met all of my needs
despite its compact and comfortable style.  Thank you, My Chickadee, for such a great
design, adorable pattern, and high quality workmanship!
                        -Roya E., Irvine, CA

"I love my Chickadee Changing Clutch because it is cute, compact and carries just the
basics.  As parents there is just so much "stuff" one can carry, and the Clutch helps me
carry what I need without contributing to 'Kid Clutter'!  I love the smart design- you can tell
My Chickadee was made by a mom!"  
                    -Ali C., Napa, CA

"One of the things that I thought would be great to have once Baby L arrives is a portable
diaper changing deal-io. Something that I could lay down and change the baby girl on
when we are on the move. Of course, if that something could also be stylish; well then,
much better. And, I found that My Chickadee makes little diaper clutches that suit this
need exactly.  My Clutch arrived this week and it is absolutely adorable. If you have a little
one or need to buy a baby gift, I think this ranks as one of the most functional, well-
made, unique, well-priced and stylish things I've seen yet! I keep thinking it would be a
great shower gift!!
                                    -Melanie L., Nashville, TN