About Us

Upon learning she was expecting a girl,

Janina eagerly dreamed of making clothes in which she could twirl.
The only snafu was she didn’t sew,
So off to learn she did go.
Sewing became a favorite activity,
And a preferred way to express some creativity.

Janina planned to carry her babe in a sling
So extra stuff she did not want to bring.
Diaper bags she saw did not catch her eye,
And so not one did she buy.
She thought she could sew something more to her liking
That would be convenient to take anywhere from shopping to hiking.
She aimed to create something to carry the essentials, yet stay small,
All in a fabric that would enthrall.

The key was having everything all in one
But at the same time did not weigh a ton.
With a big foldout area for the baby to lay,
No matter where you use it, germs stay away.
Two pockets hold both diapers and a wipes case
A small outfit can also fit in the space.
When her daughter was born, Janina used the clutch everyday,
Making it so easy to go out and play!!

Making a clutch for each friend expecting a little one
Personalizing the fabric was so much fun!
Each one thought the gift was so chic,
An ideal way to protect those precious cheeks.
With such a popular reception,
My Chickadee began it’s inception.
Everywhere she went, the Changing Clutch got a positive review,
So her husband encouraged her to sell to you.
It’s a must have for moms on the go,
To easily travel to and fro.
This is how the Chickadee Changing Clutch came to be,
Check it out, you’ll love it—I guarantee!

Since designing the Chickadee Changing Clutch, My Chickadee has developed other
unique designs in gorgeous custom-designed fabrics including: diaper bags, wet bags,
reusable snack bags and toys.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality products at
a very affordable cost.  My Chickadee’s customers are parents who demand
distinctive, high quality products that are functional and stylish and most importantly
safe.  Our designs cater to families that seek to live a more natural and greener
lifestyle, including those who cloth diaper and wear their babies.  

Janina, her husband and their three chickadees live in Carpinteria, California.